If you have a complaint regarding a product or service purchased from Duca del Cosma please contact us at info@ducadelcosma.co.za. Please mention in your email a short description, pictures of the discrepancy, your order number and customer number. We will try to reply to your complaint as soon as possible.
Please note: Complaints on items purchased at retailers can only be processed by the respective stores. We can only service purchases from our online web store.


The warranty time is by the Consumer law is 6 months. If there are any complaints about the product outside of this warranty period of 6 months than it is possible that there is a factory warranty. This is only applied in some specific cases. The warranty and warranty period are based on the guide lines of the Dutch Rijksoverheid.nl and consuwijzer.nl. The warranty period will start from the moment the product is bought.

Complaints that don’t fall within the warranty are: wear and tear of outsoles, uppers, heels and toes, rubbing off of colors/prints/material etc., wear to the insoles/lining due to excessive transpiration, broken zippers and other means of closures, and any other complaints caused by incorrect usage of the product. Duca del Cosma will not be responsible for any dissuade and will not be liable to refund any of the above-mentioned cases.


Duca del Cosma warrants that certain golf shoes will be waterproof (up to 4 cm above tread) in normal use for one year from the date of original purchase, provided that the shoes have suffered no cuts, abrasions, or other damage and have not been subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse or other mistreatment.

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