Choosing the right golf shoe matters
Choosing the right golf shoe matters

Choosing the right golf shoe matters

Golfers often forget that one of the most important parts of their golf wear and equipment is their shoes. A big part of enjoying a round of golf is being comfortable on the course. Golfers who spend a lot of time crisscrossing the fairways can cover more than 10km in a round. A poorly fitting or uncomfortable shoe can make it not only painful to walk the course but may also impede a swing, thereby affecting the player’s game.

The right footwear allows every golfer to enjoy their game optimally. This can contribute to shooting lower scores. Golfers’ choice of shoe is highly influenced by looks and price, but there are more essential aspects to look for in a golf shoe to help them decide on the best shoe for their feet. Benefits of selecting the right golf shoe Selecting the right golf shoe not only benefits the pros but all golf players – young, old, amateur, or even beginner. Golf shoes are designed to give golfers a non-slip base that holds steady in both dry and wet conditions. Golf shoes are designed to help walkers make it through 18 holes, and a good pair of golf shoes can help slow down or even prevent late-round fatigue and pain.

Tips on factors to consider when buying a golf shoe Adolf Stoffberg, CEO of Duca Del Cosma, shares some tips for golfers on what to look out for when choosing a golf shoe: Spikes or spikeless Spiked golf shoes have soft plastic spikes on the outsole (for added traction during the golf swing motion). Some believe that spikes mean more traction, but spikeless golf shoes are not far behind. The difference in traction does become more noticeable if you play in wet weather. Spiked golf shoes provide more grip on waterlogged ground. Things to consider when choosing between spikes and spikeless: • Comfort is key. With the designs and materials available today, the difference between the two types of shoes is minor. • Versatility is a game changer. Spikeless shoes are much more versatile as they can be worn on and off the course as part of your everyday wardrobe. • Spiked shoe models will always have some, although minor, advantages when it comes to traction. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and terrain conditions as both spiked and spikeless golf shoes are similar in performance. Choose your style The latest golf shoe fashion trends are changing rapidly, with styles to suit both the traditional as well as the fashion-conscious golfer. Golf shoe fashion trendsetters such as Duca Del Cosma are providing more options to suit every style, from colourful, bold and sporty chic styles to wear on and off the golf course to the more traditional ones. In the end, you need to choose the golf shoe that is comfortable and suits your style. You perform better when you’re feeling confident. Understand the material and technology The material of your golf shoes shouldn’t go overlooked as it can play a big role in your level of comfort as well as the shoes’ durability and performance. Natural leathers: When you are looking for durable and long-lasting, high-quality shoes with a high level of comfort and performance, consider a premium brand shoe, such as the Duca Del Cosma only using high-quality calfskin and cowhide leathers from Italy for the exterior of the shoes. Leather shoes are more breathable, and mould to your feet as you break them in. You pay more, but they can last for years if you take good care of them. Microfibre leather: Due to its remarkable performance, microfibre leather is known as the best real leather alternative. Microfibre golf shoes are lighter, thinner and more flexible, often used in modern golf shoes. They are easier to clean but less-breathable than natural leather. Waterproof shoe membrane: A waterproof shoe membrane is like a partition separating liquids and gas. Liquids can't enter, but vapor may escape, making our shoes waterproof while also being breathable. The interior finishing of a quality shoe, such as Duca del Cosma comprises a microfibre material with a membrane and waterproof tape sealing. The membrane adds to waterproofing and functionality to ensure your feet remain constantly dry, while still being able to ‘breathe’. Combined with upper leather treatment, the waterproof membrane ensures humidity runs off and does not soak in, so that the shoe maintains its suppleness. Other factors to consider Waterproof vs Water-resistant: One reality all golfers have to deal with is wet conditions. Whether you are playing after it rains, it starts raining during play, or you step into a puddle, having wet feet can lead to more than just discomfort. The material that your shoe is made of is paramount to performance, comfort, and safety. Support and stability: Golf shoes should fit tighter in the midfoot for better stability. Your feet should not be able to move while in golf shoes except for a little wiggle room for your toes. Your heel should remain firmly in position too. Make sure there is a good amount of lateral and arch support. Also, look at the midsole to ensure that it’s comfortable and durable. Shoes with memory foam offer additional support and comfort. Flexibility and versatility: Golf shoes should be fairly flexible on the forefoot for when you’re pivoting during swings. Having a stiff shoe reduces comfort and enjoyment of the sport. A great pair of golf shoes should be versatile and able to perform well on different types of terrain on the course. Whether on the fairway, rough, green, or bunker, a shoe should provide adequate traction on all these types of terrain. Conclusion All things considered, the right comfortable fit and price that suit your budget will be the final determining factor. In the end, you need to determine which of these factors you most value in a shoe to decide what you are willing to spend.

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