Duca Del Cosma's Official Product Launch for the KLM Open
Duca Del Cosma's Official Product Launch for the KLM Open

Duca Del Cosma's Official Product Launch for the KLM Open

The 12th of June marked the official Duca Del Cosma product launch for the 100th edition of the Eurpoean’s Tour, the KLM Open. The launch took place at The International, the same venue for the event taking place 12th-15th September 2019. The product launch was presented by Duca Del Cosma’s Frank and Caroline van Wezel, to KLM Director, Harm Kreulen and KLM event Director, Daan Slooter.
As the lead apparel and footwear sponsor for the event, Duca Del Cosma will dress the 1000 volunteers head to toe. The four footwear styles presented yesterday are the Kubana and the classic Westcliff for ladies, and the Camelot and Kuba were designed for the men.
The product designs were intented to connect to the three key partners. The light blue colourway mirrors KLM’s corporate colours, the orange reflects partner ING Private Banking and patriotically the Netherlands. Besides the shoes the volunteers will be dressed top to toe, with a Duca Del Cosma polo golf shirt, rain jacket and cap.
Daan Sloter, Caroline van Wezel (PR Director of Duca Del Cosma), and Harm Kreulen
Photographer: Ruud Taal
If you'd like to review the rest of our collection, you can find our women’s golf collection here: https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za/golf/women and our men’s golf collection here: https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za/golf/men
If you’re new to golf, read our tips on how to improve your swing here: https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za/stories/tips-for-improving-your-golf-swing

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