How to choose the best golf shoe
How to choose the best golf shoe

How to choose the best golf shoe

Today, a golf shoe isn’t just a golf shoe anymore. It’s part of your game, on and off the course. Gone are the days where you had to choose between golf shoes that are either functional or comfortable, the perfect golf shoe really does exist and it’s a hybrid of both! Whether you’re looking for comfort when walking the course or the perfect style for post-tournament drinks at the clubhouse, finding this perfect shoe doesn’t have to be difficult. With Duca del Cosma on your team and our top tips on finding the best golf shoe, you’ll be more than fine! Although many guidelines will aid you in your golf shoe shopping, be sure to keep the following in mind.

1. The material of your golf shoe
The main options when it comes to choosing the right material for your golf shoes include synthetic materials and natural leather. When choosing your preferred material for your golf shoe, keep in mind the weather conditions you frequently play in. If you usually experience wet conditions, ensure the material is waterproof. When playing in warmer areas, you should aim for a shoe with more breathability.

2. The flexibility of your golf shoe
Your golf shoe should have the right balance between stiffness and elasticity. Most golf courses are located on irregular and hilly grounds, so you are going to want a shoe that helps you take swings on slopes. What is this perfect balance? In summary, the subtlest parts of the foot will need more support from the shoe. The same applies to the other areas of your foot, where the shoe will provide more flexibility and comfort.

3.Choosing between spikes or spikeless
It is commonly perceived that spikes offer considerably more traction and stability. Nowadays, however, many professionals can be seen wearing spikeless, street-style golf shoes. Spikeless golf shoes are usually more comfortable because they are lightweight and more flexible and can cater for the casual and professional golfer alike.

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4. The comfort of the golf shoe
When looking for the right golf shoe, it’s ultimately about what will work for your game and lifestyle. Duca del Cosma work within the comfort of the casual golf shoe, as well as providing the right structural support.
What are the elements of a comfortable golf shoe?
  • Fits securely
  • Does not move at all on your heel when you are walking.
  • Comfortable fit in the toe box – toes should not feel cramped.
5. The stability of your golf shoe
When trying on the right golf shoe, be sure to keep the shoe’s stability in mind. This is one of the more crucial factors that influence your swing in the game of golf. The more stability a golf shoe has, the more it’ll impact your swing. To enhance the stability of a golf shoe, some shoes might have built-in stabilisers along the arches to help keep your feet from swaying from side to side, while others make use of high-tech polymers in strategic areas for the same effect.
When you’re looking for the perfect golf shoe, there might be more to think about than you initially thought. In the game of golf there are plenty of elements out of your control, your golf shoes shouldn’t be one of them.

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