Latest Fashion Trends in Golf For 2019
Latest Fashion Trends in Golf For 2019

Latest Fashion Trends in Golf For 2019

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Over the past decade, golf has become an increasingly popular sport for the younger generations. More people are taking up golf as a professional sport or simply appreciating this gentleman’s game for what it is. Not only is it a social, networking opportunity but the entire experience can teach both men and women the etiquette they need to succeed in life – starting with how you dress.
While there are classic clothing items that will always feature in the latest fashion trends, regardless of the era, the golf clothing industry is ever-changing with the times. With every new year comes new fashion, and here are a few of the latest fashion trends you can expect to see in 2019:
Collarless shirts
Modern golfers are starting to embrace the collarless shirt. While the golf t-shirt is the traditional, classic look people associate this sport with, people are taking their attire to the next level with this new fashion trend. This style can look trendy if paired with the right trousers, otherwise, it can take away the appealing neatness you were hoping to achieve. Be sure to wear them properly, and always consider the environment you’re wearing it in. Some well-known clubs will not accept it.
Visor hats
These casual-style hats have become one of the latest fashion trends for men and women alike. While traditional golf hats provide more coverage from the sun, visors give you the basic shading you need, and are available in various colours and patterns for a trendier look. Because it looks modern and sporty, you will look the part and feel fashionable when you step foot onto the course.
Graphic golf gloves
In addition to the graphic t-shirt and sneaker trend, graphic golf gloves are the new must-have on the course. They’re bold and make you stand out from the crowd, and they come in different designs, colours and patterns. They can take your outfit to the next level with minimum effort.
White golf pants
In recent years, you were more likely to see darker coloured pants on the course. But this is no longer the case. Today, more players are starting to embrace the bold white golf pants. To ensure these pants always look neat, make sure your white pants are fitted and clean.
Camouflage prints
This pattern is starting to pick up momentum again and become one of the latest fashion trends for men. When you think of camouflage, you usually think of the bold green colours; however new fashion shows that you can mix urban blues, whites, greys and blacks for a modern spin.
If you’re new to golf, here are clothes basics you need: Check out our lifestyle range here: Perfect for on and off the golf course.

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