Women's Golf Shoe Design to Support a Rare Species
Women's Golf Shoe Design to Support a Rare Species

Women's Golf Shoe Design to Support a Rare Species

The King Cheetah
The King Cheetah is a species with highly distinctive features and beauty.
Recently reaching a population above double figures, this species of cheetah is truly something to behold. With its distinctive fur and patterns the King cheetah a truly a beauty of nature to be admired.
King Cheetah Animal King Cheetah Animal
The King cheetah is the rarest species of cat on the African continent with around 50 living in a protected environment. The King cheetah is distinguished by its special colours and markings once thought to be part of an entirely different species on its own.
Duca del Cosma & the King Cheetah
In supporting this rare beauty of nature, Duca del Cosma has teamed up with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) and designed a limited edition range of both golf and lifestyle footwear for women, combining the beauty of nature with an elegant fashion design. The brand has also adopted a cub who hopefully will play a significant part in preserving the wonderful species herself.
Women's Golf Shoe - Fashionable Animal Print - King CheetahWomen's Award-Winning Golf Shoe - King Cheetah
Italian designer and founder of Duca del Cosma, Baldovino Mattiazzo, has paid tribute to the rare king Cheetah with an exclusively designed sneaker. As with other animal print designs within the range, the King cheetah style is waterproof and suitable for wearing both on and off the golf course. The Marquessa-style sole is reminiscent of the Cheetah's footpads in providing grip and stability, while the chic black lacquer leather and beige suede symbolise the animal's striking appearance.
Women's Golf Shoe - Fashionable - Animal Print - King Cheetah Women's Golf Shoe - King Cheetah Women's Golf Shoe - Animal Print - Fashionable - King Cheetah
About HESC
Founded by the South African Lente Roode, who grew up with orphan cheetahs from the age of six, the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is a uniquely South African wildlife facility focusing on conservation and the sustainability of rare, vulnerable and threatened species. The centre has adopted a holistic approach to its conservation activities, such as the education of surrounding communities, tourism, breeding, rehabilitation and anti-poaching. Cheetah Conservation is one of its core disciplines, as there estimated to be less than 7,000 cheetahs remaining in Africa. The centre has an active programme for the release and establishment of captive-bred cheetahs in the wild.
HESC - Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre - Logo
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