Duca Del Cosma talks fashion with Sandi Mazibuko
Duca Del Cosma talks fashion with Sandi Mazibuko

Duca Del Cosma talks fashion with Sandi Mazibuko

Duca Del Cosma is passionate about supporting local talent. With a diverse, broad portfolio of influential brand ambassadors, we’ve built a powerful network of individuals who have helped shape our brand. Be it golf-inspired or fashion related, our ambassadors have added a special touch to our shoe variety in their own way. Recently, we had the chance to sit down and interview Sandi Mazibuko, a South African fashion designer, entrepreneur and stylist. She shared some insights into her career, as well as provided helpful advice to new designers in the industry.
How would you describe your personal style?
Sandi’s personal style is modern. “I like to keep up with the latest trends in a classic and timeless way.” While her personal preference might be vintage statement pieces that speak for themselves, her fashion line speaks otherwise. This breathtaking line is bold, bright and inspired by African culture. It’s traditional with a twist.
Who is your fashion inspiration?
It’s no surprise that Sandi is a fashion-forward queen, and her love for art is evident in her style. “I enjoy seeking inspiration from different places and people, and my favourite designers are Victoria Beckham and Ellie Saab.”
When did you decide to pursue fashion as a career, and why?
“I started in 2010 because I struggled to find items in-store. And I love shopping. So, luckily, I had an aunt who used to stay abroad and would send clothes I liked down me. And every time I wore them, people would complement the items and ask where I bought them.” Based on the reaction from others, she continues, “I saw a gap in the market for ready-to-wear fashion that caters for working ladies who love fashion and want a unique piece.”
What timeless fashion trend do you make use of in your fashion brand?
“Two of my all-time favourite trends are peplum and tulle skirts. It works for all body shapes.”
How do you want women to feel when wearing your brand of clothing?
Nothing but fabulous! Sandi says, “my clothing label is Fabrosanz (Fabulous Royalty Sandz). The name describes how we would like ladies to feel when wearing our garments: fabulous and royal. “She continues, “a Fabrosanz lady is not afraid to be commanding in appearance. She is does not shy away from standing out in a crowd.”
Which celebrity or influencer would you love to style and why?
“Internationally, I would love to work with Tracee Ellis Ross. I just love her fashion sense, and she doesn’t follow the rules. I love her personality too, such a happy soul.” Locally, Sandi is fortunate to have already worked with people she would have liked to work with. “To name a couple, DjZinhle and Nomzamo Mbatha.”
She continues, “DjZinhle absolutely loves fashion and is not afraid to try new things and keep on evolving. Nomzamo Mbatha has worn some of our pieces as well from our Nguni Print collection. When we made that print, we had women like her in mind, and it was such an honour when she asked to wear one of our pieces. (This was showcased in Paris and Milan in 2018). Nomzamo is one lady who truly embraces our African fashion.”
What process do you go through when styling someone?
“Their lifestyle, where do they spend their time mostly.”
How do you seek artistic inspiration for your clothing line?
Sandi says, “Fabrosanz offers African print fashion with a modern twist. Some of my inspiration comes from our African queens and our iconic culture. Bold and full of life. I love working with colour and mixing prints. One of the biggest achievements in showcasing this thus far is our Nguni Print collection. We designed an African-inspired print which showcases the true, raw African culture. A Nguni tribe to be more specific.”
What can we look forward to in the world of Sandi Mazibuko?
“I am very excited for what’s to follow with our Nguni Print collection. This range has seen the brand exporting internationally, and we are looking forward to the second edition as well as the new journey of textile designing.” She continues, “we are also looking at collaborating with brands which are about pushing the African narrative through fashion.” Very exciting!

What advice would you give to young designers or business owners in the industry?
“Start wherever you are. Make use of all the free marketing platforms that are available at your disposal, and the right people will find you. There is enough for all of us, never think the market is saturated. Invest in your craft, and it will attract the right people for your brand. Stay focused, this industry is not about the glitz and glamour only. It requires focus and lot of hard work.”
To shop the Duca Del Cosma’s style Sandi is wearing, visit: https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za/product/alexis?variant=1006422 or check out the mens collection https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za/lifestyle/men. Here, you’ll find a selection of bold, statement shoes to help you walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Visit our website and shop our styles today!


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