Duca Del Cosma talks to pro-golfer, Bas Slungers
Duca Del Cosma talks to pro-golfer, Bas Slungers

Duca Del Cosma talks to pro-golfer, Bas Slungers

At Duca Del Cosma, we’re committed to sponsoring professional golfers across the globe. While these talented individuals are brand ambassadors for our brand, they have plenty of advice for amateur and professional golfers who are trying to improve the quality of their game. Recently, we had the chance to sit down and interview Bas Slungers, professional golfer and owner of Bas Slungers Golf. He gave us some rules, tips and tricks that will help beginner golfers take their hobby or career to new heights.

What type of clothing is appropriate to wear on the golf course?
Each golf course has its own rules as to what you may or may not wear; however, as a standard rule, joggers or yoga pants are not allowed on the golf course. Bas suggests that women should wear pants or golf skirts (no jeans) with a polo shirt or pullover, and men should wear pants or shorts (no jeans) with a polo shirt or pullover depending on the weather. Use this as the foundation when buying golf clothes.

What golf etiquette is essential for beginner golfers?
According to Bas, “there are loads, but try to leave the course in a better condition than it was before you came to play it. For example replace divots, repair pitch marks and rake the bunkers.”
“If you choose to practice on a golf course, you will not be permitted without wearing golf shoes. But if you start playing golf by practising at the driving range, you could do this with normal shoes.”

What are the different types of golf courses?
And how do they define your style?
Bas says, “almost all golf courses can place in one or more of the following three groups: links, parkland or desert courses. My favourite is the Parkland golf course, especially when the fairways are surrounded by loads of trees. That way, I feel isolated from the rest of the course. And you really play 18 holes without seeing all holes at the same time.”Below are the different types of courses:
● Links course: this course is typically very close to the sea. It often involves dunes, therefore characterised with a lot of wind. The underlying ground type is sand.
● Parkland course: this course is identified as an inland golf course with high trees and big gardens. The underlying ground type is clay, so the weather has a bigger effect on the playability of the course. It can either be very dry and firm in summer or wet and unplayable after rain.
● Desert course: as the name suggests, these types of courses are built in the desert. The course is often the only green you will see in miles, and it needs huge irrigation. Bas says, “these courses are disliked by some players because they take such a big toll on the environment, and liked by others because of the beautiful views and warm temperatures.”

What body posture or movement factors that will affect your golf swing?
“Every change in posture will have a potential change in the way you will move during your swing. Every change in the movement will, obviously, affect your golf swing. There are so many variables in your swing that it is easier to look at it the other way around. The only part of the swing that matters, in the end, is the impact. Because that is the part where all the information is given to the ball.” He continues, “I would suggest focussing on what happens on impact and comparing that to what you want to happen. For example, try to hit the ball first and then the mat behind the ball, focus on where you want your clubface to be pointed or whether you want the club to approach the ball from the outside or from the inside.” By just focusing on changing one part of your swing, the improvement in your swing will follow.

How many clubs do you need, and which type of clubs are recommended?
You are allowed to play with 14 clubs on the golf course. Bas suggests “when you start playing golf, you can start training and play with just a few clubs; however the more clubs you have, the more options you have to choose from in the different situations you will be faced with on the course.”
“You will learn with practice. In general, the more loft a club has, the shorter it goes and vice versa. After training, you know how far each club goes which will help you in choosing the right club.”

How long does a golf game last? Does it differ according to course layouts?
“It differs from course to course, but mostly according to the number of players and the level of play. On average, a nine-hole game will take roughly 2 hours, and an 18-hole game will take around 4 hours and 30 minutes. However, when playing alone or in a two ball, it should be possible to do it quicker.”

How does one keep score on the golf course?
When playing with someone, you will need to switch cards with your playing partner. It’s important that you keep count of their scores by writing them down under the player’s section. Bas says, “you can write your own score under the markers section. After the round, you and your playing partner compare the scores, and if they are all the same they are official after both of you have approved it with a signature.”

Any phrases or terminology that is important to know?
Here are some of the most important terms according to Bas:
● Teebox: the place where you play the first shot each hole.
● Fairway: the short grass in the middle where you want your tee shot to end up.
● Rough: the high grass left and right of the fairway.
● Green: the shortest grass on the golf course. This is where the flag is located on and where you will use your putter to finish the hole-fore (what you yell if you hit your ball in the wrong direction to warn the other players on the course).
● A drop: when you hit your ball into a penalty area, you can drop your ball within two club lengths of this area with one penalty stroke.
● Par: every hole has it’s own ‘par’ according to the length of it. It indicates the number of shots a scratch player (hcp 0, almost as good as a pro) needs on average to play.

What is required of a beginner golfer to compete in a tournament?
“You need your golf ability licence in most countries. After you have that, you can get a handicap and try to lower this (it indicates the level of play). Some tournaments require a certain handicap and others don’t. Overall you should know the rules and be ready to undergo some struggling in the beginning as it might be a different feeling than your practice rounds.” Practice makes perfect, so keep trying!

What’s your favourite Duca shoe?
“My favourite Duca shoe is the Belair, especially the white one. It looks so fresh and classy at the same time. I even wear them as casual shoes outside the golf course!”
For more information on Duca Del Cosma’s lifestyle and golf shoes, visit: https://www.ducadelcosma.co.za...

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