Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing
Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

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Although golf might look effortless, it’s a technical sport. There are many techniques involved in developing a winning golf swing. While balance forms the foundation of golf swing basics, you need to focus on your body movements as this will affect the outcome of your swing. Spend less time hooking the grass and more time on nailing the perfect golf swing with these five tips:

Find a comfortable balance for your feet
Before you swing, make sure that you’ve set your balance and you’re comfortable in your golf shoes and clothing. Keep your feet flat on the floor and try to avoid lifting your feet from front to back when you’re gearing up for the swing. A strong, steady balance and posture will create a centre of gravity for your body and ultimately prevent you from losing control during your golf swing.
Lower your hands on your club’s grip
Always make sure that you are playing with the correct length and weight of golf clubs for your body. Often, people choose to drive with clubs that do not complement their height. This can influence the type of shot you’re aiming for, and your golf swing of course. If you have the right golf club, drop your hands on the grip to ensure your ball stretches further in distance than in height.
Use your body instead of your arms
Depend on your body for power and not your arms. This will be a tricky transition if you’re used to depending on your arms to power your swing. Another tip is to focus on bigger body rotations, but more importantly, make sure that your arms are straight when you swing. A less stiff posture with straight arms will help you to feel more comfortable with using your body instead of your arms.
Keep your head down and on the ball
When you’re preparing for the best golf swing, make sure your head is down and focused on the ball. Keeping your head up will have a negative impact on your body posture and your swing. If you move too quickly and lift your head before the ball lifts off the ground, you’ll be thrown off balance.
Monitor your progress and keep practicing
Much like anything in life, you need to keep practicing if you want to improve on your golf swing. Make time to visit the driving range whenever you have a free minute to spare. This type of attention will help you to keep track of your progress and focus on areas that need more work.
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Your equipment, and more importantly, your shoes and clothing, can make a significant difference to your experience on the golf course, so take the time to invest in the best possible shoes.

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