Winter Golf Clothing to Wear on the Course
Winter Golf Clothing to Wear on the Course

Winter Golf Clothing to Wear on the Course

Chilly days are around the corner. Without warm golf clothing, you’ll know just how crisp it can be when the winter air cuts through the course and you’re struggling to keep warm in your paper-thin jersey! Time to refresh your wardrobe to keep your body warm on these dreaded cold days.
Before you throw something on in a hurry, it’s important to remember that you need to keep ‘style’ in mind when dressing for winter on the golf course. While you might want to give up on the latest trends and play in the comfiest pair of track pants and boots, you need to look good on the green.
You also need to be strategic about your golf clothing. What you choose to wear should not hamper your swing or ability to perform on the course. So, here are a few clothing items to introduce to your winter wardrobe. This golf wear will make you look professional and feel warm at the same time.
Choose a practical golf jacket
Some trendy winter options include lined or puffer down jackets, cut off and woollen jerseys. Gilets are highly recommended jacket options as they are not restricting. They allow your arms to be open and free to move as you gear up for your swing. You want to wear a jacket that keeps the cold behind you, as well as allows you to drive and putt easily and comfortably.
Get your layering right
Modern golfers are starting to embrace a base, mid or outer layer in their golf clothing attire. These technical golf wear pieces are waterproof and designed with warming technologies to either warm you up or carry the sweat away from you during a game. These stylish, figure-hugging layers are comfy and warm. And, the best part about them is that they’re light in weight and stretchy in fabric. This makes it easier for you to perform any flexible movements without being restricted. Depending on the brand you choose to buy your layer from, you will be able to take your pick from a variety of colourful, trendy layers that are ideal for the course and any outdoor event for that matter. After all, you never know if, and when the weather will turn on you. And if it does, it’s better to be prepared.
Quality waterproof golf shoes
Let your feet do the talking! One of the most important golf clothing items to consider for the winter is shoes. A quality, stylish pair of shoes can make all the difference to your game, especially when you’re caught in some unexpected, heavy rains. Make sure to keep your feet dry in a pair of Duca Del Cosma’s waterproof shoes. You’ll be spoiled for choice with spiked and spikeless waterproof shoes to choose from. Popular winter colours include white, deep blue, green and yellow.
Keep your ears, head and hands warm
While you might want to bring your visor hat along to keep the sun out of your eyes, it’s best to opt for a woollen beanie and sunglasses instead. You’ll be spending hours on the course, so keep your ears and head warm with a thermal beanie with stripes or a classic pom-pom beanie. This way you’re staying warm and sticking to the latest golf clothing trends. In addition to this, always wear a pair of gloves. Gloves and a beanie are the two ideal items to play around with, in terms of style, while keeping the rest of your outfit classic. It’s the minor details that will make your winter golfing experience all the jollier, without freezing. There is nothing worse than being cold on the golf course. And in turn, this might affect your ability to play comfortably.

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