Everything you need to know about golf clothing
Everything you need to know about golf clothing

Everything you need to know about golf clothing

If you're a beginner golfer, there are some golf etiquette rules that you will need to be aware of. Especially when it comes to the golf fashion and style that you have on the golf course.
Duca del Cosma brings a fresh new take on golf style, specifically shoes, and are here to help you with the 101 on Golf Clothing fashion and tips.
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1. Wear golf clothing on and off the course
Golf has had some fashion icons and some people of questionable taste. Modern golf style suggests that you not wear anything on the course that you wouldn’t also wear off it. If it is too patterned to wear to the shops or the restaurant then maybe it isn’t ideal for the course either.

2. Belt buckles are practical not statements
Belts are a compulsory part of wearing smart trousers which are a vital part of your golf uniform. Rather keep those belt buckles in a sensible size and style, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Make sure you have the golf clothing essentials
It goes without saying that the first essential is the self-collar polo shirt. This means that the collar and the shirt have the same fabric and can come in a wide range of colours and styles. Another classic polo shirt example is the tipped peak polo shirt with banded sleeves. Always remember though, the shirt sleeves should never go below your elbow.

Another golf clothing essential are chinos or smart trousers with a touch of stretch in them. These are a key part of your golf clothing wardrobe. You need the breathable nature of cotton as well as the slim fitting design of these trousers. Finally, grab a V-neck sweater in a nice material and an even better colour, and you’re ready to walk the golf course in style.

4. Get the right shoes
We cannot stress the importance of buying the proper golf shoes! In the past couple of decades, golf shoes have undergone a significant transformation. There are so many stylish golf shoes available, and it can be hard to find the right pair for your needs. Shop our range for the best golf shoes both on and off the course.
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5. Golf clothing accessories
Yes, hats look stylish, but they are also important to protect your eyes and face from the sun. Go for something practical instead of something flashy, and you’ll have the perfect outfit accessory.

6. Use colour wisely
Playing with colour is great fun on the golf course, but use it with caution. If you have a bright pair of golf trousers, pair it with a muted polo shirt. Remember not to mix your patterns and to coordinate your accessories with your look. If your outfit is lacking a bit of personality, golf gloves are a great way to add a pop of colour.

Whether you’re rocking the golf course, or supporting on the sidelines, make sure Duca del Cosma goes with you!

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