Duca del Cosma: Italian Golf Evolution in SA
Duca del Cosma: Italian Golf Evolution in SA

Duca del Cosma: Italian Golf Evolution in SA

The Duca del Cosma journey
At the very heart of the brand is the evolution from golf to lifestyle. Duca del Cosma was established in 2003 by talented fashion designers, Italian born Baldovino Mattiazzo and German born Antje Elle. Both passionate golf players, they recognized the need for more sophisticated and fashionable golf attire.
Duca, Italian for Duke, is a traditional Venetian name used in Baldovino’s family for many generations and this strong sense of Italian heritage forms the foundation of every collection. Inspired by the Italian way of living, the Duca Del Cosma golf and lifestyle collections are sporty and sophisticated. Whilst developed with strong functional and technical benefits, each design is crafted with attention to detail ensuring comfort and exuding elegance.
In 2016 Duca del Cosma was acquired by Frank van Wezel, founder of the international footwear brands HI-TEC and Magnum. “This new challenge gives me a lot of energy”, says the entrepreneur. “I have admired this brand for many years and feel in Duca the refined culture and Italian design which enables me to serve a new target audience in the higher end of the market.”

The Duca del Cosma detail
Combined with excellent design and outstanding functional qualities, it results in a product with comfort and looks to satisfy those in the know and appreciate lightweight, highly flexible Skyflex soles. In addition to all the functional features, dedicated golfers appreciate, above all, the sophisticated and individual design. The unique look reflects the distinctive style of their Italian-born Head of Design, Baldovino Mattiazzo. This season Baldovino has designed once again a stunning, exclusive collection for ladies and gents featuring many beautiful details.
Duca del Cosma Africa

Duca del Cosma once again brings modern design and the finest craftsmanship to South Africa. Fashion conscious golfers will be happy to know that the Italian golf evolution has been launched in South Africa. Function, comfort and exquisite design come together in perfect harmony, making Duca del Cosma truly different from many other brands in the South African market. The Italian influence is immediately recognisable.
To be inspired is great, but to inspire... that’s incredible, and that’s what we want. The Duca family is precious, we are artisans in detail, reflected in our product and our everyday life. Duca del Cosma is not just a product, it is part of a lifestyle” says COO Adolf Stoffberg.

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