Golf Clothes – The Basics You Need
Golf Clothes – The Basics You Need

Golf Clothes – The Basics You Need

Duca del Cosma South African Luxury Golf Shoes

Whether it’s your first time hitting the fairways or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s important that you look the part – and we’re not only talking about your golf shoes!
Your entire outfit should be stylish and suitable for a day on the course. Beyond just wanting to look good, however, you risk upsetting the other players and staff if you are dressed unsuitably - you may even be asked to leave if your outfit is particularly inappropriate!
Don’t worry – we have the low-down on everything you should wear to look and act the part.

Golf Caps
Golf caps keep the sun out of your eyes, ensuring that you can make the perfect drive or putt. They’re also a crucial fashion staple in golfing attire.
Show off your favourite golf brand, or up the fashion stakes with a stylish flat cap. Alternatively, consider a visor cap – it’ll keep the sun out of your eyes without covering the top of your head.
Caps aren’t a necessity on lots of courses, but they’re generally a good idea – and look great, too!
If you haven't checked out Jimmy Ro Clothing's caps - we suggest you do!

Golf Shirts
Golf shirts are fashionable off the course, too. However, it’s doubly important to wear one when you’re playing. Men are expected to wear a collared shirt at most golf courses, and even if you’re not asked to leave for not wearing one, you will be seen as impolite.
This rule is somewhat less strict for women, who are generally allowed to wear shirts without a collar. However, the general expectation is that these shirts are relatively formal and aren’t excessively skimpy.

Golf Pants
There are a few options available when it comes to golf pants. Slacks are the most common form of golf pants and are always a safe choice. Another option, however, is wearing formal shorts. These are the type of shorts that have belt loops – it isn’t good etiquette to wear casual, elastic-waisted shorts.
Women can wear golf skirts that include undershorts and a special design that allows for the golf swing motion.

Golf Shoes
These are our specialty! A good pair of golf shoes is critical - and not only for fashion reasons.
Considering how much time you’ll spend walking on fairways and greens, it is crucial that your shoes are specifically designed to avoid damaging these terrains.
A high-quality pair of golf shoes is critical to any golfer’s wardrobe, and we at Duca del Cosma are happy to assist you in finding the pair that best matches your needs.

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